Tracking Labels

What is a Tracking Label?

Inventory Shield Tracking Labels have 3 main parts:

  1. Your business's logo, phone number and website or whatever other information you want the labels to show.
  2. A unique QR (Quick Response) code that can be easily recognized by the app.
  3. A small 'Powered by Inventory Shield' logo.

Extremely High Quality

Made from the Best Materials

Our Tracking Labels are of the highest quality. Once you approve the design for your labels, we print them on large sheets of thick and durable vinyl. After they are finished printing we laminate them with another thick layer of clear vinyl. This protects the label from ever smudging or getting worn off.

Super Sticky

These Tracking Labels stick great to almost any surface. Just make sure to remove any obvious dust, dirt or grime before applying them and firmly press them into place as you put them on. If you ever decide to remove our labels, they won't rip or tear as you remove them.

Many Available Sizes

These are our standard sizes for our Tracking Labels:

5 Inch

The biggest standard label size and are generally placed on larger equipment. These large labels look great and will proudly display your logo for all to see.

3 Inch

The most common size for a Tracking Label. Big enough to see clearly, but small enough to fit on most pieces of equipment.

1 Inch

A label that is perfect for hand tools, zip poles, brooms and shovels. Even though the label is small the app has no problem scanning the QR Code.

If you need a tracking label with a different size, just let us know and we will be happy to work with you. We do all of our Tracking Label production and design in-house, which gives us a lot of flexibility to meet your Tracking Label needs.

We Work With You On the Design

When you sign up with Inventory Shield, you can upload your logo for us to use for your labels. This goes directly to our tracking label design team. They work with you to design a great-looking label with all the right information. Once you approve the design, they get to work creating your labels and then mail them out to you ASAP.


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