Getting Started

Follow this guide to get started with Inventory Shield

Quick How To Video

A brief overview of how to get started.

For more detailed instructions please see our detailed step‑by‑step guide below.
Step 1:

Sign up for Inventory Shield

If your Business or Organization hasn't signed up for Inventory Shield yet you can sign up just by clicking this button.

Create Your Account

Just give us your name, email and choose a secure password.

Tell us About Your Business

Enter the name of your business, your phone number and address.

Upload Your Logo

Try and upload a vector-based version of your logo if you can.

Choose Your Plan

If you have a Coupon Code you can enter it here.

Enter Payment and Subscribe

Just enter your credit card information and you are good to go!
Step 2:

Get your Custom Tracking Labels

After you sign up, we will get right to work on your custom tracking labels! We will use the logo you provided us to work up a proof which we will send to you for your approval. Once you approve, we will mail your tracking labels right out to you. This process usually takes about 5 business days.

Step 3:

Onboard Your Team

Now that your tracking labels are on their way, we need to get the rest of your team on Inventory Shield with you! The way you do that is by giving your team an Invitation Code.

Open Invitation Codes

You can find this button in the side menu.

Choose an Invitation Code

Make sure it is for the right permission level.

Share with Your Team

You can give them the code or the Invitation Code Link.
Note: Invitation Code Links are the easiest way to onboard your team. An invitation code link will automatically take the user to download the appropriate app for their device and prefill the Invitation Code for them!
Step 4:

Label Your Equipment

The next step is adding all of your equipment into the app. This process takes some time but if you involve several people it can go quickly.

Start by applying a tracking label to a piece of Equipment

Our tracking labels have no issue sticking to almost any surface, but make sure there is no obvious dust or grime on the part of the equipment where you're going to apply the label. (Hint: Carry a rag with you while you're labeling.) Once you position the tracking label in a prominent easy to scan location firmly press it into place to ensure maximum adhesion.

Then follow these steps in the app:

Tap the Scan Icon

This opens the scanner.

Scan the New QR Code

This makes sure that you are adding the right code.

Tap the Create Equipment Button

If the code is already in the system it will show you information about it.

Enter The Equipment Details

Only the Equipment ID and Category are required

Scroll Down and Tap Save

Make sure that the current location is correct.

Once you do it a couple times, it will only take a few seconds to add a piece of equipment. You can even add a picture so you can always remember exactly what your equipment looks like.

Step 5:

Add Your Locations

A critical part of getting started with Inventory Shield is adding in all of your locations. Each piece of equipment is at a specific location. Maybe it is at your shop, on one of your trucks, or at a customer's house, but it is always somewhere. Each of these locations needs to be added to Inventory Shield.

Select a location type

Your location types are at the top of your dashboard.

Tap The Add New Button

It is always at the top of the page.

Give the Location a Name

You can also put in a phone number, email, and description.

Add an Address If Applicable

Tapping on the autocomplete result allows the location to show up on the map.

And Tap Save!

If you see the map that means Inventory Shield has the geo coordinates.

Optional: Customize Location Types

By default, Inventory Shield will give you three types of locations: Shops, Vehicles and Customers. While these types fit the needs of many businesses, you can customize Inventory Shield's location types to fit your needs.

Open Location Types

You can find this in the side menu.

Tap the Edit Button

You can also create new location types here.

Update As Needed

On this form, you can update the name and icon to fit your business.
Step 6:

Scan Every Time You Move Equipment

Once this is all set up, just scan the equipment every time you move it. It only takes a couple of seconds for each piece of equipment, and you get instant assurance that the location of the equipment has been updated!

Tap the Scan Into Location Button

It is the big button at the top of a location detail page.

Or Tap on the Scan Shortcut

The shortcut icon on the side of the location list also launches the scanner.

Scan the QR Code on a Tracking Label

The app is ready to scan equipment into this location.

BOOM! The Equipment Is Moved!

The person, date, time, geocoordinates, and location have all been recorded.

If you can make scanning the equipment every time it moves a habit then the app will work wonders for you!

Have Any Questions?

Getting started with Inventory Shield is the hardest part. If you have any questions please let us know. We are here for you!

Call us at (440) 5965981 or toll free (855) 3411759

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