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View certain information through reports!

What are Reports?

Reports is a feature that will take certain data from throughout the app, and construct it in a user friendly way. There are currently three reports, but there is always more coming as requested.

The first report is a Current Location report. With this you can see each piece of equipment and it's current location.
You can also view a New Locations report. This report will give you the option to decide on the time frame so you can see every location created within it.
The last report is customizable as well. It will show you all the equipment that has been at a location longer than the specified time frame.

Another report we provide is a Location History Report. This report is found on each respective location. It provides info on each piece of equipment with the exact time checked in and out, including which area if applicable. You can print this report or download the CSV. For more information on this report you can refer to our History feature page.

How To Use Reports:

Open up Reports

On the main screen, under the Equipment section you can find the Reports button.

Select the First Report

To learn how this report works, you can select this report.  

Scroll to the right

You can scroll to the right to see more information on each piece of equipment.

Filter By Column

If you want to see everything by location, or any other column information, you can press the gray arrow to the right of each column heading.

Open up the New Locations Report

To learn how to use this report, you can select it and keep reading.

Filter the Report

You can filter by location type and by the amount of days you want to see recently created locations in.

Open up the Last Report

To learn how this report works, you can select it and keep reading.

Filter the Report

You can filter this report by location. Also you can filter if you want to see all equipment at their location longer than x amount of days.

Scroll to the Right

To see more of the column information you can scroll to the right.