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Add Photos

Leave titled, dated, and autographed photos on every piece of equipment or location!

What is our Photos feature?

Photos help you document what is important for you and your business.

For instance, you can take a photo of every item and piece of equipment that is labeled.

You can take pictures of different locations and areas.

Maybe a photo will help in finding what you placed.

Each photo is time-stamped, dated, and has the name of the person who uploaded the photo.

Hannah Ukon

6:07 AM on 5/6/21

Hannah Ukon

6:07 AM on 5/6/21

Hannah Ukon

6:07 AM on 5/6/21

With photos you can take the picture right then when you open up Add Photo. If it is more convenient for you, take all of your pictures, open Add Photo, and upload them all at the same time.

How To Use Photos:

Select a Location

Select the Location or Equipment you want to add a photo to.

Open Add Photo

Scroll down until you see the Add Photo button. Click it to open it up.

Tap to Add a Photo

Tap to add a photo. This will give you different options to upload a photo.

Select an Option

Select an option. These options present the different ways you can add a photo.

Press Add Photo

You can put a description if you would like. Either way, select Add Photo.

See the info!

Now you can see the WHO and the WHEN.