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Use Maps

See your equipment and locations across the city, state, or country!

What are our maps?

Maps is where you can see all of your equipment or locations at the same time.

Every time a location is created with a Google Maps address, it appears on the app! Every time a piece of equipment is scanned into a location or has its map coordinates updated, you can see it on the map!

Search for what you want to find, right on the map!

You can also switch it to a satellite view.

How To Use Maps:


Select the Location Map

Your Location Map is on the main screen. Open it up to get started.

Tap the circle

To view the locations closer, you can zoom in by pressing the circle as well as other traditional ways for your device.

Select the Search Bar

Tap the search bar to begin your search for a location. You actually can also search equipment here as well.

Open the Location

If you want to access the Location you can tap it here and pull up the profile.

View Unmapped Locations

To view the locations that do not have coordinates and are NOT on your map, you can select this button.

List of Unmapped Locations

Now you can access the locations to update the address with the google maps coordinates.

How To Use Maps:


Select Equipment Map

You find this under the Equipment section on the main screen.

Search/Filter Your Equipment

By pressing the search bar, you will pull up different options of what you can filter to see on the map. Or, just type out what you want!

Select your filter or Type it

Here are the options presented to you. You can scroll down for more.

View Equipment at a Customer Location

Now you can view all of the equipment at a Customer Location

Find unmapped equipment

To view all of the equipment that is not currently mapped you can select this button.

View Equipment to Map

This gives you the equipment that will need its scan coordinates updated.

See one Category

When you type in your filter, only equipment with a keyword will appear on the map. You can select the Equipment individually as well.

View Satellite Mode

You can view your map in Satellite mode too if you prefer. Toggle back and forth as you please!

Why Are My Locations Not Showing Up On The Map?

Select a Location

Select a Location you want to show on the map. When creating a location, these steps can work too.

Open Edit Location

Once the location profile is open you can select the Edit Location option in the Admin Actions.

Select the Address

At the bottom you should be able to click on the address. You may need to add a space then take it away for this to work.

Click Suggested Address

When the suggested addresses pull up, select the correct one.

Save your Changes

After that you are ready to click Save!

View the Location on the Map

Now your location is ready to be viewed on the map. You can access that by scrolling down the profile, or from the main menu.

How Do I Update My Scan Coordinates?

Scan Coordinates will update automatically every time a piece of equipment is moved to a new location. This process shown below is the manual process that can be used at anytime but specifically for instances where an Admin moved a piece of equipment without scanning. This process of moving equipment without scanning can be done in the Admin Actions.

Open the Scanner

Press the blue scan button to begin.

Update Scan Coordinates

This option only appears when you have scanned a piece of equipment.

View on Your Map

With the scan coordinates updated, your piece of equipment is visible on your map!