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Take advantage of special helps such as backdating equipment and location reports!

What can I do with the History feature?

Our History feature allows you to know forever the person who placed equipment at a location and when they did so. This feature can then display information through a Location History Report. These reports provide data on all of the information you would need to bill for your equipment being placed, or even just a report for records. This report will include the following information:

  • When each piece of equipment was checked in and out
  • Total time each piece of equipment was left
  • Calendar days a piece of equipment was there
  • Equipment info, including ID number, name, sub type, and serial number
  • The area the equipment was in

Using this report can give you extremely accurate information to send to insurance companies and customers when it's time to send the bill!

Example Report

Wanna see your location history reports? Simply turn on 'Show Location Summary'! Super Admins can follow the below instructions to do so. We do advise that you not turn this on for location types such as shops and vehicles, which have equipment there indefinitely. To keep that much data will make it take a very, VERY long time to load and print. For customers and other locations that have equipment temporarily, this option will work great!

Besides these detailed reports, there are options to Backdate equipment. This can be useful if an employee made a mistake and missed scanning a piece of equipment into a location but you know it was placed there on that certain day. To line up the history with what actually happened you can move this equipments' scanned in date backwards to the correct time.

Another benefit you will LOVE, is the day by day history. It details each transaction so that you can see what was scanned where, by whom, and when. Not only can you see the history itself, but being able to quickly navigate to a specific equipments' profile including the activity of the employee who scanned it. This is done by clicking the text items in blue.

How To Use History:

Turn On Location Reports

Open Location Types

Open the side nav by pressing the three white lines in the top right corner. Select the 'Location Types' option.

Edit Location

Edit the location you want the location report to be visible on.

'Show Location Summary' and 'Save'

Check the 'Show Location Summary' box. Don't forget to scroll down and save your changes!

Backdate Equipment

'Check Into Different Location'

Select 'Check Into Different Location' in the Admin Actions.

Check 'Backdate this Move'

Make sure you check 'Backdate this move' and also select the location you are moving it to.

Input Date and Time

Input the date and time that you had moved the equipment to that location.