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Learn More About Equipment Double Check

Quickly scan to confirm if equipment is in its correct location.

What is an Equipment Double Check?

An Equipment Double Check is a built-in feature to... you determine that everything is scanned correctly.
    ...let you know when items already scanned in have been found.
    ...let you know when you have scanned an item that is not scanned into the location.
    ...give you a list of items found, items not found, and new items found.

This is especially useful since there is such a thing as human error. Using this feature frequently can help you minimize possible error.

How To Use Equipment Double Check:

Select Your Location

Find the location you want to double check and select it to open up the profile.

Press the Double Check Button

When the profile pulls up you can scroll down and select the Double Check button.

Select Continue

You can leave the double check and always come back by pressing continue.

Start Scanning!

You can always see at the top when your scanner is ready for the double check.

View your current status

You can always see the current status of your double check.

Select what fits your needs

You can either select 'Finish Double Check' or 'Continue Scanning'.

Finish Double Check

When all items have been scanned a pop-up will appear declaring it so.

See the Details

Here, you can view the details of your double check. If things were not found, or found as you scanned, you would see that as well.