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Assign Tasks

Assign a location to a user to let them know they are in charge of that job.

What does our Assign Tasks feature do?

With our Assign Tasks feature you can assign a location to multiple users. Each user will have their own portal to view their personal assigned locations! The 'Assigned To Me' portal will only be visible when locations are actually assigned, otherwise it disappears.

Permissions for this feature

Everyone in the app can view what jobs are assigned to who, but only Admins and Super Admins can actually assign them.

Admins and Super Admins

Un-Assigning Tasks

There are two ways this is done:

  1. In the same way you assign it, you can click the user selected to deselect them.
  2. Archive the assigned job.

When either of these options transpire, the assigned job will disappear from the users' portal.

How To Use Assign Tasks:

Select Location Type

Essentially you need to navigate to the location you want to assign to a user.

Click 'To Be Assigned' Location

Pull up the correct 'to be assigned' location.

'Assign a User to this Location'

In the Admin Actions, tap the 'Assign a User to this Location' button.

Select and Deselect Users

Select the users you want assigned to this location and deselect the ones you don't want. Don't forget to 'Save Selection'.