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Create Areas

Learn how to add different areas, or rooms, to locations to help increase organization!

What are Areas?

Areas give you the option to add a location INSIDE another location.

Living Room
John Doe

12345 Silly Lane, Copper, EX 09876


For instance, on your vehicle, you could create an area for each side compartment.

Compartment 1
Compartment 2

Maybe you leave multiple pieces of equipment behind at jobsites. Label the different areas of that job and scan the equipment into the appropriate area.

John Doe

12345 Silly Lane, Copper, EX 09876



Living Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom

That can be useful for techs who come to the jobsite who either had not been there before or had not been there for awhile. With areas, they can never forget WHERE the equipment was set.

How To Use Areas:

Open a Location Profile

Pull up the location profile you want to add an area into.

Scroll Down

Scroll down a bit to find the Add Area button. Go ahead and open that up.

Name Your Area

Now you can name the area and add a description if you need it.

Save Your Area

When all of the info is filled out, the Save button will turn blue. It's ready for you to Save.

Open Your New Area

When that the area is created you can start using it and scanning equipment into it.

Area Created!

This area is now a location inside the main location. You can take pictures here, scan items into here, add alerts, and do double checks!