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Learn More About Alerts

Customize your own alerts to help you be aware of your locations and equipment in various ways!

What are Alerts?

There are 4 different kinds of alerts you can use:





Alerts give you the option to flag certain locations and/or equipment in a way that is visible to not only yourself, but other users on the company account.

For each alert, you can give a title and a description. The title and description is up to you, and not required. Both will also appear with the alert.

The danger and warning alerts will actually appear next to the title of your location or equipment for better visibility.

When you pull up the location and equipment profile the alert will be visible at the top, hard to miss for anyone looking at the profile.

Schedule Alerts

There is an option to schedule the alert for later. When it is scheduled for later, you will be able to locate it under the job as before but you must select 'View Scheduled Alerts'. It will appear as an alert at the specified time you scheduled it for.

How To Use Alerts:

Select A Profile

When you have found the location or piece of equipment you want to add an alert to, click on it.

Open Add Location Alert

Once you have the profile open, you can then select the Add Location/Equipment Alert Admin Action.

Enter the Information

Determine what type of Alert you would like using the dropdown button. Enter a title or message or both. You can even schedule this alert for the future.

Your Alert is Ready to Save

You are ready to save the alert. Select the button at the bottom of the pop-up to add or schedule the alert.