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Why Inventory Shield?

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What is Inventory Shield?

Inventory Shield is the BEST app for keeping track of your business's equipment.
It works like this:

Put Tracking Labels on Your Equipment

We give you high quality, durable, tracking labels with your business's logo! All you have to is you slap them on all of your equipment.

Scan the Label When You Move Equipment

Whenever you move the equipment, you just scan it into the new location with the app. We will automatically record the person, time, date, and geolocation.

Always Know where your stuff is!

From that point forward you always know where all of your equipment is, how long it has been there, and where it has been. It's that easy!



Pieces of Equipment






Different Locations

The Same App,
on EVERY Platform

Inventory Shield is available on iOS, Android and the Web.

Regardless of what device you have, the app is the same. Once you learn how to use Inventory Shield, you will know how to use it on any device. This also means that you can do anything that you need to with whatever device is most convenient in that moment!

Who is Inventory Shield for?

Any business that doesn't want to lose equipment!

We know that Inventory Shield works great for:

Restoration Companies
Fire Departments

and many, many more!

What is so great about Inventory Shield?

Inventory Shield helps you do SEVEN powerful things with your equipment inventory:

  • Track

  • Scan

  • Organize

  • See

  • Share

  • Know

  • Keep


When you sign up with Inventory Shield, we will provide you with high quality, professional Tracking Labels with your company's logo. These labels are very durable and stick great to almost any type of equipment.

Each tracking label will have:

  • A QR Code with a unique ID
  • Your Logo
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Website


Every time equipment is moved from one location to another, just use the app to easily scan it into that new location. The person who scanned the equipment along with the date, time, and location of that scan is automatically recorded.


Inventory Shield helps you organize your equipment by category and type. You can attach notes, photos and serial numbers to each piece of equipment so that you always have a record.


With Inventory Shield, your entire team works together to manage your inventory. Changes made by any team member are immediately visible to the entire team.


One of the BEST parts of using Inventory Shield is that you get an awesome map that shows you where all your equipment is! Being able to SEE all your equipment on a map is such a cool experience.


With Inventory Shield, you will always know:

  • Where all of your equipment is.
  • What equipment is at each location.
  • Who was the last person to use the equipment.
  • What pieces of equipment are broken.
  • What equipment has been broken or lost.
  • The full history where it has been.


When you use inventory shield, you automatically keep a history of where every piece of equipment has been and how long it was at a specific job site.

The additional accountability and visibility, means that it is much harder for equipment to go missing. This means you will keep a lot more of your equipment.

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