What is Zapier?


Zapier is an automation system that allows you the opportunity to trigger actions across apps without hiring a developer. For example, if your CRM also supports a Zapier integration, you could create a “Zap” which would trigger when you create a new customer in your CRM. That trigger would then send the info securely over to Inventory Shield and create a location for you! Zapier is simple, easy to understand, and can save you time! If you have any more questions about Zapier, you can refer to their website. If your questions are based on the security of the automations, please refer to their Security and Compliance information page.


Zapier is free to use up to 50 tasks per month. View their Pricing plans for more information. Create an account and follow their instructions to get yourself started. We have also provided instructions below to help you create a Zap with Inventory Shield.


With Inventory Shield you can create a Zap that fires when a location is created. Or, you can select from another app an action which will create an Inventory Shield location. To see what all you can automate with Inventory Shield, you can refer to the Inventory Shield Integrations page found on the Zapier website.


Here are some ready-made templates of what you could automate with Zapier.

Create Inventory Shield locations from new JobNimbus contacts

JobNimbus + Inventory Shield

Create Inventory Shield locations from new approved Jobber quotes

Jobber + Inventory Shield

Create Inventory Shield locations for new JobProgress contacts

JobProgress + Inventory Shield

Create Inventory Shield locations from new Housecall Pro scheduled calls

Housecall Pro + Inventory Shield

Create Inventory Shield locations for new CompanyCam projects

CompanyCam + Inventory Shield


1.  There are several ways you can create a Zap. For this example we will use the option on the dashboard page. After you Create an account, head to your dashboard. In the ‘Create your own worflow’ section you can search for an app you want to use as a trigger.

2.  When you know which app you want to connect to Inventory Shield, select a trigger action and response.

3.  Once you select what that action will do in Inventory Shield you are good to continue and ‘Try it’!

Zapier will have some more directions to complete your zap, and it only takes minutes!