Manage Your Company's Permissions

Choose the account level permissions for every user to suit your business needs.


Permissions give the company the ability to allow all of their employees access to only the regions and features they need. On this page we will focus on the global (or company-wide) permissions. Company-wide permissions are effective throughout the whole app and all of a company’s regions. These permissions take effect where a user has no region-specific permission. So if you want Tom to be a “technician” in all of your regions, but only be an admin in Chicago, you can make that happen! An example on how to do this and for more on Region Only permissions go to our Regions feature page.

Actions Technicians Admins Super Admins
Scan Equipment
Add Notes and Photos
Run Equipment Double Check
View Location Reports
Use Maps
Create Locations and Equipment
Edit Locations and Equipment
Create Equipment Containers
Assign tasks to users
Print Location Reports
Check Equipment Into Locations
With No Code
Add Alerts
View User Activity
Use Reports
View Equipments' QR Code
Manage Invitation Codes
View API Keys and API Requests
Create Location Types
Enable Regions
Change Permissions


How To Use Permissions:


Open the side nav by selecting the three white lines on the top right of the screen. From there, you can select ‘All Users’.


Be sure that your screen is showing Account Level Permissions. You may need to select the button highlighted in the picture to show Account Level Permissions.


Scroll to the user whose permissions you want to change and select them.


Tap ‘Change Permissions’ to open up the display.


Be sure your ‘Permission Scope’ is set to Account. Select the appropriate permission and then press ‘Save User Permissions’.

Managing Invitation Codes

You can view your invitation codes in the side nav by clicking the three white lines in the top right corner. When that opens up you will see ‘Invitation Codes’ as an option to select. The different codes will have the ‘Account:’ tag with the permissions it grants. The number on the right of each code, displayed with a red circle in the picture for convenience in identifying, will tell you how many uses it has left.

If you click on an invitation code, you will recieve ways to share it with others. You can send a link or have them scan a QR code. This will automatically prefill into the invitation code field when they create a user account. At the bottom of this view you will also be able to see the permission level attached to it, the remaining uses it has, and who it has been used by within your company.

View User's Activity

There are two ways to view a user’s activity. The first way, is to go to a location or piece of equipment and navigate to the ‘Day by Day History’. What you will notice is that a user’s name will be highlighted blue. If you click their name it will take you to their activity.

The second way you can get to a user’s activity, is to open up the side nav by pressing the three white lines in the top right corner. When you open it you can select the ‘All Users’ button. Select the user whose activity you want to see and their activity will open up.