Inventory Shield is a mobile app that offers a range of powerful features to support businesses in effectively managing their equipment and consumables and preventing loss. By leveraging the capabilities of Inventory Shield, you can enhance equipment and consumable management, minimize loss, and maintain efficient operations.


Never Lose Your Equipment Again

View Locations & Equipment On A Map

Every time a location is created with a Google Maps address, it appears on the app! Every time a piece of equipment is scanned into a location or has its map coordinates updated, you can see it on the map!

Add Equipment & Location Photos

Attach images to equipment and locations and always know exactly where equipment is placed.

Track Consumable & Parts Supplies

Know what your supply inventory is and when you will need to restock each truck and reorder each part!


Next-Level Equipment & Supply Organization

Customize Areas

Areas give you the option to add a location INSIDE another location. Use it to designate rooms where equipment has been placed, or even locations in your vehicle shop where equipment is stored.

Create Containers

Want to take it one step further? Containers allow you to track smaller items that are held within a container, like a toolbox. When you move your case and scan it into other locations, all of the tools inside of it will be moved with it!


Gain Full Visibility from Anywhere

Utilize Regions

Have multiple locations with different teams? Regions lets you organize your equipment and locations so local eam members only see what they need, but admins and super admins can be assigned to multiple areas without needing a seperate login or account.

Assign Tasks

When you assign a location to a user, they will get their own portal to view their personal assigned locations, making it easy to view assigned jobs.

Set User Permissions

With different access levels for each user type, you have full control over what your team can view and do in the app.


Fast and Accurate Location & Equipment Reports

View Equipment History

This feature details each transaction so that you can see what was scanned where, by whom, and when.

Run Detailed Reports

Easily create a location report showing all equipment and it's duration at that location. View all locations with equipment, and equipment that has been at a location longer than a specified time frame.


Real-Time Data and Alerts

Set Custom Alerts

Alerts give you the option to flag certain locations and/or equipment in a way that is visible to not only yourself, but other users on the company account. Use alerts to report damaged equipment or to setup maintenance reminders. The possibilities are endless.

Equipment Double Check

This unique feature lets you scan all of the equipment at a location and verify it's scanned into the right place. Mistakes happen, and this feature is a safeguard that allows you to quickly double-check and update equipment checked-in at a location.

Add Notes

Enhance internal project communication with the ability to add notes on locations and individual pieces of equipment.